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People Counting Camera solution to help manage social distancing in your public build

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many public places have imposed strict restrictions on people flow. For example, wear mask, measure temperature and disinfect with alcohol before enter.

And now, some strict restrictions on human including maximum capacities in many area, and many government are operating one in, one outpolicies when this capacity is reached.

These measures are enforced and manned by staff, which is not only an additional overhead but also puts them at risk of coming into contact with large numbers of the public.

Our People Counting system & Flow Control Camera Solution is a new and innovative person counting technology solution designed to show live visitor counter and analyse the flow of people or shoppers entering and exiting a store or building.

People Counting Camera reduces the number of social interactions and reduces the risk of cross-contamination by your employees and the public.

Using a retail traffic counter device, the people counting analytics how many people are inside an area and displays the number of people entering and exiting and staying in real time on the cctv counting system software.

The cctv people counting system can trigger an alarm by people counting sensor when maximum capacity is met to remind those who are about to enter to wait a while.

If there are multiple entrances and exits in the are a, the People counting  camera will automatically summarize the total number of people crowd and the number that can be entered.


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