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LS VISION 2019 New Intelligent Algorithm Analysis HD 1080P IP CCTV Alarm System Face Capture Recognition Camera Kits

The utilization of technologies facilitates the high-efficiency and cost-saving manufacturing process.With those advantages,LS VISION 2019 New Intelligent Algorithm Analysis HD 1080P IP CCTV Alarm System Face Capture Recognition Camera Kits has been tested to be suitable for the application range(s) of CCTV Camera.

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Relying on professional technicians,Shenzhen LSVISION Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in researching and developing products, one of which is our LS VISION 2019 New Intelligent Algorithm Analysis HD 1080P IP CCTV Alarm System Face Capture Recognition Camera Kits. It is developed based on the latest industry trend and customers’ needs. At Shenzhen LSVISION Technology Co., Ltd., it is our goal to provide the highest quality products and superior service to our customers, both being our top priority. Following scientific and advanced production standards, we have successfully made LS VISION 2019 New Intelligent Algorithm Analysis HD 1080P IP CCTV Alarm System Face Capture Recognition Camera Kits excellent in its performance. Through multiple times of tests, the IP Camera/NVR/Solar Camera/Smart Battery Camera is proved to be of great and so on. Before its launch, it has passed the certifications of several international and national authorities.

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: LS VISION
Model Number: LS-FR100 Warranty: 1 Year
Special Features: Sound and light alarm Sensor: CMOS
Style: BULLET CAMERA Function: Two-way Audio
Video Compression Format: H.264 Data Storage Options: DVR, NVR
Application: Outdoor, Indoor Customized support: Online technical support, Customized logo, Software reengineering, OEM, ODM
Key Feature1: Up to two face databases management Key Feature2: Support 22400 face image inventory
Key Feature3: Support POE(802.3at) &mobile app Lens: Motorized lens 9-22mm
Video standard: H.265/H.264/MJPEG Coding, Hi3519+1/1.8″ 2.0MP Sony385 CMOS Output code rate: 32 Kbps~64Mbps
Digital noise reduction: 2D+3D digital noise reduction WDR: 120dB Digital WDR>
> 120dB Digital WDR
Noise Reduction: 3D Digital Noise Reduction Certification: ce

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Product Description

Face Recognition and Nvr Kit

.Face recognition application integrated package, can be used to prevent thieves, anti-theft, anti-customary stealing, early warning of dangerous personnel, is your store security butler!

· Built-in intelligent face algorithm to support face capture in complex environments; support face tracking, face exposure mode, face automatic filtering; front face database storage, recommended to import 22400 digital photos, black and white list can be set To achieve real-time comparison of front-end faces.

· The mobile terminal can realize real-time image preview of the hard disk recorder, network camera, remote video playback, local picture and video storage, and alarm push information management through the wireless network;

*  Face Capture, Face Recognition, optional Black and White List or Stranger Alarm Output, support VIP Pop-up Function

Applicable to school, supermarket, hospital, community, etc. for face monitoring and monitoring!
Realize face monitoring, control, black and white list setting, face-based search query!

Standard: 1pcs Face Recognition IP Camera + 1pcs Face NVR + 1pcs Alarm

IP Camera :

Hi3519+1/1.8″ 2.0MP Sony385 CMOS;
H.265/H.264/MJPEG Coding;
Motorized lens 9-22mm;
4pcs IR led,IR distance 30 meter;
> 120dB Digital WDR;
3D Digital Noise Reduction;
Up to two face databases management;
Support 22400 face image inventory;
Support POE(802.3at) &mobile app


H.265 Coding;
Support 1CH 1080P Face Recognition IPC +3CH 1080P;
ordinary IP Camera Video Input;
1CH 1080P Playback;
VGA Interface 1CH, HDMI Interface 1CH;
2CH USB2.0 Interface,1CH SATA (6TB Hard Drive) Interface;
Support face comparison details query;
Support face playback

Alarm :Sound and light alarm


Face recognition based whitelist and blacklist to system ;

Compared to traditional system, we add ” smart analytics” section, which we do technology grasp, analyze, compare and alarm on camera.

NVR’s function is to record.

two way one is to use colour pic which saved in your PC; another is scence capturing.

A face library max support 3200 pic, balcklist and whitelist total 6400pcs.

There are two ways to upload face pic into face libary: imported from local or snap face at sence.

Set comparison similarlity as parameter to analyze and compare.

The core algorithm technlogy we used like multiple dimensions like the distance between human eyes distance, Cheekbones heigh and other other pieces of facial features.

Also we can grasp, analyze, compare very fast.


LSVISION Hot Selling Intelligent HD 1080P IP CCTV Smart Face Detection Recognition Camera with Motorised Lens

Special Features:

1.Embedded smart face algorithm, which supports face capture in complex environment.

2.Support front-end face alignment.

3.Support the detection, tracking, snapping, grading, screening, feature extraction and recognition of moving faces, and outputs the best alignment results.

4.Supports the detection of up to 32 targets per frame and the recognition speed is fast.

5.Aiming at the optimization of face application scene, it is suitable for face detection, feature extraction and recognition.

6.Support face exposure function, wide dynamic range of 120dB, suitable for monitoring under backlight environment;

7.Support area selection of face recognition; multi parameter setting, face parameter setting, professional level capture rate;

8.Support face detection with more than 30*30-300*300 pixels.

9.Support the upload of face pictures and original pictures, and the quality of face picture coding can be adjusted.

10.Supports the management of up to 2 people’s face databases, and each face library supports more than 3200 face importing.

11.The total storage space for supporting the face database is 16GB, and the single face supports 150*150-960*960 pixel interval.

12.Support different people’s face library for different time.

13.Support the blacklist than the successful alarm output;

14.The embedded intelligent network hard disk recorder shows the front face face matching results, which can be used for fast retrieval.

15.Support the supporting WEB and CMS platform.

16.Support all kinds of mobile phone monitoring (iPhone /Android).

General function:

1.The maximum resolution is up to 2 million pixels (1920 x 1080), and can output real-time 30fps images at this resolution, and the image is more fluent.

2.Scan CMOS by line by line to capture motion images without aliasing

3.Adopt the latest standard H.265 video compression technology, high compression ratio, accurate and stable code flow control.

4.Built in automatic day and night type dual filter switching mechanism, with manual or automatic color to turn black and other switching mode.

5.Support digital wide dynamic, 3D digital noise reduction function

6.A variety of white balance models, suitable for various scenarios.

LS-FR100 Face Recognition System Solution
Sensor type
1/1.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum illuminance
Color 0.001Lux @ F1.2;Black and white 0.0001Lux @ F1.2
Signal-to-noise ratio
≥50dB(AGC OFF)
Wide dynamic range
3D digital noise reduction
Lens type
3.6-11mm F1.4, horizontal field angle 106.8 degree ~44.2 degrees.
Video compression standard
H.265 encoding type
Main Profile
Video code rate
32 Kbps~16Mbps
Audio compression format
G.711a/ G.711u/G.726
Image settings
can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance; AWB (automatic white balance), AGC (automatic gain), AE (automatic exposure control); support for privacy area occlusion; OSD superposition; image rotation: normal 90 / 270 degree automatic, manual or automatic color blackening and other switching modes
The maximum image size
1920 × 1080
main stream
Auxiliary code stream
Video frame rate
50Hz: 50fps (1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720)

60Hz: 60fps (1920×1080,1280×960,1280×720) 

Character superposition
Smart encoding
supports low bit rate, low latency, ROI region of interest enhancement coding, and supports 4 ROI regions.
Smart detection
supports occlusion detection, defocus detection, luminance detection, color detection, sound detection, remnants detection, mobile detection, virtual cordon, regional intrusion
Smart control
supports intelligent control alarm opening, alarm closing, fault clearing, intelligent noise reduction.
Intelligent analysis
face capture, face tracking and face automatic filtering
Picture format
capture pictures using JPEG coding
The sensitivity
0-10 adjustable, the lower the sensitivity, the higher the image quality.
Area settings
support face recognition area selection
Upload mode
private protocol, hokang protocol, FTP upload
Model:LS-FR100N  Network Video Recorder
Master control
Operating system
embedded Linux operating system
Decode type
Video access
4ch 1080P
1ch 1080P
Compression mode
Do not support
Video recording
manual recording, alarm recording, dynamic detection, video recording, general video recording.
Video query
channel retrieval, calendar retrieval, event retrieval, time retrieval
Record Storage
local hard disk storage
Backup mode
USB backup
VGA interface
HDMI interface
USB interface
2 USB2.0 interface
Hard disk
1 SATA interface (single maximum support 4T hard disk)
Network interface
10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
Network protocol
1 channel audio input (MIC IN/Line IN); 1 way audio output interface
Production & Packaging
Face Recognition Series Package

Face Recognition Camera + NVR + Alarm Advice + Accessories
Brand & CCTV Project

LS VISION Global Brand

At present, LS VISION partners and customers all over the world, including dealers, agents, engineers and security importers, end consumers and other different customer groups, in Russia, Yemen, Philippines, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Ghana, Bangladesh and other countries region, set up an exclusive agency, and we have been have been making great efforts to expend our global agency or distribution area. 

LS VISION Global Security Project

LS VISION products and solutions used in a number of countries and regions, Such as the Saudi Arabian Jeddah International Book Fair Project in 2017 and 2018; CITY Center MAKKAH CCTV Project in 2018;   the Fath Gas Station Project in 2017, the Peruvian Bass Amas Plaza Project, the Panama Airport and other major security projects have played an important role.


LS VISION will keep our key value of Quality. Innovation. Dedication to do more research for the products to bring more value for our partners in the 2019. 

In 2019, LS VISION products strategy:
Industry market:
IPC: 2MP to 8MP 4K Series IP Camera and HD NVR system.
Analog HD: 2MP to 8MP series and DVR system.
AI Series: Face recognition camera and NVR system.
4G Solar Camera system

Police Body Camera

Consumer Market:
Wifi NVR Kit, POE Nvr Kit;
wifi Battery Cameras, WiFi Indoor PTZ Camera, Smart Doorbell etc.


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