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Shocking News: Hikvision Acquired The Pyronix

Hikvision, the world’s largest surveillance system manufacturer and supplier, has announced the acquisition of Pyronix, the UK-based intrusion alarm security company. 

This purchase will bring a huge chance for Pyronix and the district.The adopted direct investment that this will accompany to the UK will be huge. Hikvision has big program for the advance of Pyronix and the continued development globally. In the past 15 years Hikvision has approved what can be accomplished in the surveillance camera bazaar. With this guidance, Pyronix can realize mighty things in the all-around world place.

Hikvision plans to apply Pyronix professional knowledge and knack in intrusion detection systems to its leading position in the surveillance camera  market. The result will mark the future of security systems: Hikvision and Pyronix combined knack will bring new advancements and innovative products to the bazaar, converging two security technologies in surveillance camera  and intrusion detection.


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