LS VISION Network Surveillance Video Recorder View Server Compare with DVR

What’s NVR? NVR also known as Network Video Recorder, it is in fact  is a monitoring server. It’s a type of video equipment, network camera or video encoder supporting the use, realize transmitted over the network digital video recording. It NVR’s main function is to receive a network IPC (network camera) device transmits a digital video 
stream, and storage management, enabling the network to bring the advantages of a distributed architecture. By Nvr, 
you can watch, browse, playback, management, storage from multiple network cameras. 

LS VISION IP Camera NVR System

NVR Compare with DVR 

1. Diversity Front End

NVR products with different The front end DVR. DVR front of the product is the analog cameras, DVR can be used as an analog video encoding digital storage device,  and the front end NVR products may be a network camera (IP Camera), video server (video  encoder), DVR (code storage), device type and more for the rich. In the banking business, monitor, it can access the existing analog system, DVR device, you can also access digital video server system, IPCamera and higher-definition cameras. 

2. Network Adaptability

NVR products more emphasis on network applications, so this type of equipment more emphasis on video transmission efficiency in the network. In contrast, DVR products in a network environment, often the transmission efficiency is not high. 

3. Stream Media Applications

After the video data is encoded in the network often use streaming media technology. The technology of the bit rate of the video stream, the frame rate control to achieve better video transmission efficiency under different network bandwidth environments. And streaming media (streamingmedia) characteristic data itself can generate more application modes, and can even be easily embedded into other business systems to become part of the business system. Thus, by combining the streaming and database technology, it can make video calls easier in other business systems and produce more application mode. 

By NVR device, you can set up a NVR device as “nodes” of a distributed network, so that more adapt to the existing network environment of distributed multi-layer structure, effectively reducing the transmission network nodes and data center storage pressure. So NVR system when building monitoring system, front-end equipment has a wider range of options, a more suitable network, application stronger advantage. 

64 channel and 128 Channel Capacity,  these recorders and servers are the pride of the Industry. Recently LS VISION announced the launch of its latest 64CH and 128CH super HD NVR Network Video Recorder product. 64 and 128 Channel Super 1080P Full HD with free CMS management software.  support real time playback, Support 8 SATA and P2P Function, with 16CH Alarm Input and 4CH Alarm Output Ethernet interfacesTwo-way voice intercom. Meanwhile, LS VISION 4 channel 8 channel 16 channel and 32 channel POE HD P2P NVR with face detection and function  is very polular in Middle East, European and American regions. 


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