What is the Best Solar Camera System At LS VISION

Why thinking to Choose Solar Camera System

* Energy conservation and environmental protection, corresponding to the government carbon neutrality and green environmental protection policy;

* Suitable for anyplace no electricity or network; Hard to  get electricity network;

* No need wiring and net line, reduce a lot of people Labour costs

*  Prevent thieves from stealing, support Cloud record

* New trend products in security


What is the best solar camera System

The features of a wireless solar camera system:

– Easy to install and use

– Dual Lens to make security wider view

-8.0MP High-definition video and audio

-10X Optical zoom to keep a watchful eye on details sites

-Never Power off; Solar and battery powered

-PTZ Control linkage with bullet

– Wireless, do not need to run any wires

-Remote viewing by mobile APP

-Local & Cloud storage

-Built-in night vision


Does Solar Camera System need WIFI?

LS VISION  Solar Camera system with 2 types: one for wireless work by using the sun’s energy to power the camer, Connect 2.4GHz WiFi to start working

!!!Attention: Only 2.4GHz WiFi connection is supported, using 5GHz WiFi outdoor security camera will not be able to connect successfully!!!  

 Another  models will be 4G one, different country with different 4G frequency band for example

Area Module model Frequency band
China/Southeast Asia SIM7600CE-CNSE Four-mode full NetcomLTE-FDD:B1,3,5,8LTE-TDD:B34,38,39,40,41UMTS/HSPA+:B1,8GSM:900/1800MHz
Europe SIM7600E-H1C LTE:B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B38/B40/B41WCDMA:B1/B5/B8GSM:900/1800
North America SIM7600A-H LTE:B2/B4/B12WCDMA:B2/B5
Japan SIM7600JC-H LTE:B1/B3/B8/B18/B19/B26
Australia SIM7600SA-H-MNSE LTE-FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66LTE-TDD B40UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA+ B1/B2/B5/B8GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

 Directly contact us if more 4G frequency Questions;


How long does the solar camera System last

Solar camera system work by using the sun’s energy to power the camera. They can be used for indoor or outdoor use, you can simply place it where you want it and let the sun do all of the work for you!

Solar camera system use a rechargeable battery that powers the camera when there is no sunlight available. It is 5 watt solar panel,built-in 20000mAh batteries!

According to the test data it will need 12-15 hours to charge full once battery totally powered off; Onced fully charged, it can work 3 month say one day 20 times wake up each time wake up works 15s.



Frequently Asked Questions about solar camera system

Q: What is a solar camera system?

A: A solar camera system is a security camera that uses the sun’s energy to power the unit. They’re a great way to monitor your houses, yards, fish ponds, orchards, farms, mines, construction sites, or businesses without needing to run wires from the camera to an outlet or other power source.

Q: Do the solar camera system work at night?

A: Yes for sure. Solar camera system with 3 working platform can choose and control on mobile app. First normal part at day time, the image is colorful. Second is night vision, the image is white & black; Last one, it is colour pattern, we turn on this model and the fill light wll work so even at night, the image if colourful.

Q: How do I install my solar camera system?

A: You can install your wireless solar security camera by simply placing it in the desired location and turning it on. The camera will automatically connect itself to your Wi-Fi network, so there’s no need for cables or wires!

Q: Can I replace the batteries when they die?

A: You can replace the batteries if you choose, but we recommend that you use rechargeable batteries and keep them charged up at all times. Long-last, this will save you money.

Q: How can I charge of the solar camera system? 

A: Two ways! One is for sunshine, sun energy will make a conversion to power which will be in stock to this 20000mAh 18650 battery; Second will be charged will 220V, in the full packaging, we will supply you a USB charger, you can use it !

Q: How far does solar camera system work in day time and night time?

A:It is 5-50mm lens with 10X optical zoom lens, in the day time, we can see around 100M and at night in 30M best distance; !!!Attention in 200% darkness environment.

Q: How much data does the solar cmaera system if it  is a 4G vision use per month?

A: We suggest 5G-8G.

Q: Who is the largest solar  camera system manufacturer?

A: LS VISION focucs on solar camera system since 2018!

    We choose ubox and niview as best and most stable for clients.

    LS VISION will not let you down!



Why choose LS VISION as your reliable solar camera system supplier?

LS VISION Technology Co., Ltd is a global leading manufacturer of solar camera system, with 14 countries agent around the world. Our products are used by LS VISON brand agent, wholesales;retail companies, engineers, electricians, system integrators, distributors, and many other organizations. Our products are sold worldwide and are widely recognized for their high performance, durability, and reliability.

At LS VISION Technology Co., Ltd, we believe that Quality Innovation & Excellent customer service are the keys to success. We offer all kinds of solar security cameras at competitive prices. We have built a reputation for our quality products and reliable service. Our products have passed CE, and ROHS certifications and have a strict quality control system. We can offer our customers OEM and ODM solutions.

We believe that the best way to show our respect is not just to offer great products and services, but also to make sure that every customer feels special and gets the best experience when they choose us as their partner!

LS VISON Solar Camera System,  where the change begins!



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