When you look at the scenery, it is seeing you in the area

National Day holiday 2016, I believe that many people will choose to travel to relax their tension in the working state, such as climb mountains, scenic spots to see the scenery, visit the historical sites. But we will see someone pulled into the scenic blacklist after each National Day, it is because someone made very uncivilized and unethical behavior in the area, such as in the cultural relics scrawl, the revolutionary martyrs to make some humiliating Of the action, climbing, noise and so on.

How has your uncivilized behavior and personal information been recorded? cctv cameras are installed around many cultural relics and scenic spots for public safety and cultural relics. When you do some uncivilized behavior that destroys cultural relics, it records your actions. When the staff found that the destruction of cultural relics, they will view the monitoring screen, the installation of high-definition camera can clearly capture your face, and then the Ministry of Public Security and the large database for comparison, your personal information is easily detected . And then the scenic area staff will be published in the online information and your uncivilized behavior, you pull into the scenic blacklist. If you have more serious uncivilized behavior, the scenic area staff will pursue your legal responsibility.

Now with the improvement of living standards, the state’s awareness of public safety protection is also improving. So whether it is scenic tourist or usual out shopping, we must pay attention to their own moral qualities, we must always pay attention to their behavior. Sometimes a clamor, play slapstick will affect the people around.

China is a civilized country with five thousand years of cultural history. The ancients will be able to write “Book of Rites,” “Tao Te Ching” and other writings, with the five thousand years of development, we should pay attention to enhance our moral quality. We not only do a good job under the surveillance camera, also need to do better when there is no any security camera monitoring.


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