Why solar cameras are said to be the next round of cctv?

The reasons are as follows:

The international situation of carbon neutrality and carbon peak has gradually brought green energy and clean energy into people’s perspective.

Solar cameras give more possibilities for CCTV development. In the past, traditional IP cameras needed to be in places with electricity and network to carry out monitoring work.

You can use solar cameras in farms, yards, outdoors, highways and other areas without any wiring. After simple installation, you can achieve the monitoring effect you want.

The second is that solar cameras make monitoring more and more convenient.


In the past, surveillance systems required professional personnel to coordinate cameras with NVR, DVR, etc. Requires routine maintenance. The average end consumer cannot complete the installation and settings independently.


Today’s solar cameras can be connected to mobile APP, and we can quickly install and set up the cameras with the help of instructions. All monitoring needs can be realized on the mobile APP. This takes no more than a few minutes.

In the past, if we needed to take a vacation or go on a business trip, we often worried about the impact of unstable power supply on monitoring equipment.


Now if you use a solar camera, all energy is obtained from solar energy. We don’t have to worry about the solar camera losing power. Sufficient batteries ensure that the camera can continue to work well.

Furthermore, from an energy perspective,

Solar panels can work for more than ten years. As environmental protection measures are increasingly upgraded, energy costs are getting higher and higher. Especially in Europe and other regions, electricity costs have continued to increase.


Using solar cameras can save us a lot of power costs. As we often say: Let the sun pay you bill.
From the perspective of regional development:


There are still many areas in the world that are often affected by power outages, making it impossible to work and live. Power outages often last for half a month or even longer.


Solar cameras ensure the perfect operation of monitoring projects under such circumstances. You don’t have to worry so much, solar cameras have always been so loyal and reliable.

Thanks to this, solar cameras began to develop in 2018 and have maintained a high growth trend every year. According to AliExpress data, the sales volume of solar cameras in 2023 will be more than ten times that in 2022.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re an Amazon seller, you’re a reseller, you see that.


More and more people are choosing online platforms to purchase products. More and more people are consuming online.


The low-power solar camera we will develop from 2022 perfectly fits this trend.


What you need to know is: solar camera has two types,

one are low power solar camera ,like 6-8W solar panel,only support motion detected recording,It is aimed at consumer buyers.The advantage is that the price is affordable and the volume is also very economical. (3kg/PCS) The cost is relatively low.


The second type is for project,it need 24/7 nonstop recording,so it need bigger solar panel,Shipping costs are higher.



Low-power solar cameras meet monitoring needs by detecting video recording, which means that when the camera detects someone passing by, it will wake up and record. When people walk by, it will switch to sleep mode, always ready for the next work, and save power at the same time.

The smaller size makes low-power solar cameras suitable for online sales.

The unit price of US$40-200 also makes low-power solar cameras very popular with end customers.

LS VISION has been focusing on solar cameras for about 5 years. We have been engaged in the security industry since 2010

So far, we are almost the No.1 solution in the entire market for low power solar, especially the 4G models. We can meet the requirements of most countries.

If you want to find the best business in the next ten years, if you want the most high-end CCTV products, if you want the most reliable Chinese factory, I believe LS VISION will not let you down.

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