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Alibaba Circle Battle PK Activity in March


                                                                               Alibaba Circle Battle PK Activity in March

March is the month of spring and summer communication in a year, and it is a month full of vitality and hope. After three years of the epidemic, we finally ushered in the dawn of victory, everything recovered, and everything basically returned to normal. This time, LS VISION also participated in the circle battle PK performance event held by Alibaba in March. The purpose is to boost everyone’s morale, meet more foreign trade partners, learn from each other, challenge, break through and improve ourself.

On February 27th, the B2B team of LS VISION participated in the opening ceremony of the circle battle held by Alibaba. The sound of the drums was rumbling and the voices of the people were buzzing. 

Everyone was full of fighting spirit, with a belief that they would never admit defeat and never give up to win the first place. The audience is divided into 5 teams, each team includes 15 companies, and we belong to the Hongqi team. 

Our team won the first place in the two team play game competitions.

Team members work together to make newspaper Hot Wheels

LS VISION team group photo 

Group photo of all staff

On 1st March, we also launched the company’s internal performance PK activity. The entire company is divided into 4 teams, of which 3 teams are involved in performance PK. B2B Division (Invincible Team), B2C Division (Beyond Team), Domestic Division (Storm Team). The Bading team provides support and services for the other three teams.

First, the company boss Jenny delivered an important speech before the event, and then every member of each team made a performance oath. Finally, the reward and punishment system for the company’s internal performance PK in March was announced.

Bading team

Storm Team

Beyond Team

Invincible Team

We hope that everyone who participates in the PK activity can go all out, have the courage to challenge themselves, and overcome all the impossible. Everyone can get rewards from Alibaba or the company. We also hope that LS VISION can achieve good results in this Alibaba circle battle, and our Hongqi team can also win the first place. Team members, cheer together! LS VISION will win! The Hongqi team will win!

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