Recent Status of PK Activities in March

                                                                                    Recent Status of PK Activities in March

In a blink of an eye, half of the internal PK activities of LS VISION in March have passed. 

Everyone is very motivated to work, everyone has made some progress, and everyone’s sales are higher than usual. 

Each of our colleagues is working hard to achieve or even exceed their own goals. 

The colleague who is the first to place the order every day will receive the Golden Rooster Award and a small gift. 

Colleagues from various departments with the highest weekly performance achievement rate will also receive additional bonuses, and each department will also perform their own style presentations 

every week, and then score to vote for outstanding teams.

The event is still in full swing. We hope that everyone can sell LS VISION’s low-power solar energy series products and hot-selling products to every corner of the world. We hope everyone can make greater progress. Come on! We will announce the PK results in early April!

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