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Common questions and answers of solar cameras LS-4GS50 and LS-WS2201

Common questions and answers of solar cameras LS-4GS50 and LS-WS2201FAQ

A. What are customers’ requirements and what functions do they need?

Q1: Customers want solar cameras to support Onvif and connect to NVR;

Answer: The 4G solar camera is managed via mobile APP. It adopts the design concept of saving data and electricity. It does not support Onvif protocol to connect to the NVR.


Q2: Customers want to use Tuyaapp;

Answer: When you purchase and confirm with customer service to select Tuya, you can use TuyaAPP, which supports all functions in the APP. The default version uses MycamAPP;


Q3. Customers want to install solar camera and street lamp together to achieve the integrated function of monitoring and lighting;

Answer: Yes, the solar panel can charge the camera with a 5V power supply, sharing the same solar panel. Street lights and solar cameras also can use different solar panels.


Q4. Customers want the solar camera to support cloud storage;

Answer: Cloud storage is supported but not recommended. Click Cloud Storage in the APP device list interface to enter the purchase and renewal interface. Cloud storage needs to consume 8G of data and 30% of electricity a day.


Q5. Customers want to use their own software to manage solar cameras;

Answer: It is not currently supported. You need to use the APP provided by us to connect to the camera. If you want to customize the APP, you need to sign a contract, including development costs and order purchases of more than 10,000 units; 


Q6. Customer want the solar camera to support license plate function;

Answer: A professional license plate recognition camera is required to take pictures of license plates. Our 5x zoom camera can capture license plates within 5 meters during the day, but the effect is not as good as that of professional license plate cameras.


Q7. Customers want to install on farms, construction sites, etc., and hope that we can provide product solutions;

Answer: 4G solar cameras are suitable for houses, yards, fish ponds, orchards, farms, mines, construction sites and all places where power and wiring are inconvenient. We can provide installation suggestions and solutions according to the actual situation of the site;


Q8. Customers want the camera to support RTMP, RTSP, etc. to broadcast live video to Youtube.

Answer: No. Our 4G solar camera model is a low-power product and uses data to access the Internet. It is not suitable for RTSP live streaming. 


B. What are the common questions asked by users of solar products? 

Q1. How long can the camera continue to be used in rainy and cloudy days;

Answer: LS-4GS50 uses 30W solar panels and 6pcs 21700 Li-ion batteries totally 30000mAh. In rainy days, solar charging cannot be used. Under normal circumstances, it can work continuously for 72 hours when the battery is used from 100% to 40%. When the battery is reduced to below 40%, it automatically switches to low power consumption mode (all-day recording becomes trigger recording), which can be triggered for 3000 times, the low-power sleep mode increases the battery life by about 5 days, and the battery can be charged to 40% after 4 hours of re-exposure to the sun. 


Q2. For example, with 128G memory, how many days can the camera record and store;

Answer: The default is all day recording, 15 minutes for a period of time, when the power is less than 40%, it will automatically switch to sleep mode and motion recording. Video format H.264, video resolution 1920*1080, continuous video recording for 24 hours requires 8G storage space a day, 128G can be stored for about 15 days.


Q3. How much data will be consumed when viewing the camera on a mobile phone for a day;

Answer: The usage flow of 4G cameras is determined according to the observation time. Without cloud storage, it takes about 20G flow to keep the screen open and watch for a day without closing it. If you watch 60 seconds each time, and you watch 10 times a day, then it will consume 0.14G flow a day.


Q4. How long is the battery life of the solar panel;

Answer: The 21700 lithium batteries we use have more than 800 cycles, and the working life of the solar panel is more than 3 years under standard conditions. 

Q5.3G and 4G network can be used at the same time or not;

Answer: Yes. Adopt Qualcomm SIM7600 series 4G module, support 3G, 4G network, support LTE-TDD B38/B39/B40/B41, LTE-FDDB1/B3/B8 multi-band;


Q6.4G and WIFI can be supported at the same time or not;

Answer: The 4G camera is suitable for areas without electricity and internet, and does not support wifi connection at the same time. If there is network in the installation area, wifi solar cameras can be used;



Q7. Whether it is compatible with 4G network in different countries;

Answer: Users in different countries and regions can inform customer service to choose different versions of 4G cameras. Our corresponding 4G modules cover more than 90% of countries. Annex 1 corresponds to the 4G frequency band versions selected in different countries and regions;


Q8. What is the difference between PIR detection and microwave detection, which technology is better?

Answer: The detection distance of PIR detection (5 meters) is lower than that of microwave detection (12 meters). PIR detection is based on the principle of infrared radiation, which will be interfered by outdoor sunlight and high-temperature objects, causing false alarms and shortening the detection distance. Microwave detection is not afraid of interference from outdoor sunlight and temperature.


C. Some problems encountered during the using of the product?

1. APP download and registration

Q: How to download the APP, and what are the requirements for the mobile phone?

Answer: Use your mobile browser to scan the QR code on the manual to download, or search for Mycamsoftware download in the mobile app store. The APP supports Android 5.0 and iOS10.0 and above mobile operating systems. If your mobile phone configuration is too low or the mobile phone network speed is low, it may cause video freezes.


Q: Is there anything I should pay attention to when registering?

Answer: The APP supports mobile phone number and email registration. You must choose your region before registering. Mailbox registration is recommended for non-Mainland China areas. You need to pay attention to mailbox registration. Some mailboxes may list company registration emails as spam. If you do not find registered emails, you can check whether it is listed in the email spam box.


2. Wifi network connection (LS-WS2201)

Q: Does this product (LS-WS2201) have any network requirements?

Answer: The normal use of the device needs to connect to the Internet through WiFi, and a WiFi router supporting 2.4G frequency band is required. The delay of router WiFi does not exceed 100mS. The WiFi network needs to be set with a password, and special symbols such as # & cannot exist in the name and password. The 4G camera (LS-4GS50) requires the product to support the 4G signal frequency band of the local operator. It can provide the area and operator to consult the technical staff for support. You can try to change the SIM card connection of different operators.


Q: How to add a WiFi smart device to LS-WS2201. What should I do if the device always fails to be added?

Answer: The device supports AP hotspot connection and sonic configuration connection. AP hotspot connection means that the phone connects to the hotspot (Mycam-***) from the camera first, then opens the APP to refresh to see the surveillance video, and then click “Configure external network” as prompted “, connected to the router’s wifi, AP hotspots will disappear after the device sleeps and the external network is successfully configured, and cannot be used remotely.


If the configuration fails, you need to check the following:

a. It is necessary to ensure that the smart device is in the configuration state (the blue light flashes when the WiFi product is in the configuration state, and the reset button will prompt “reset” after 3 seconds)


b. When configuring the device, whether the device LED has a flashing blue light and turns to a blue light that is always on. If the blue light of the LED is always on, the device has received the configuration information. If the red light is always on, you need to check whether the WiFi password is wrong. Or beyond the coverage of the WiFi router.


c. If the blue light of the device is always on after the configuration, but the configuration fails, you need to look at the reason for the failure. If the configuration fails, you can restart the router or change another network to reconfigure. d. If it prompts that the connection fails, you can restart the router or change another network to reconfigure it. e, 4G camera to confirm whether the SIM card is inserted reversely, you can replace the 4G card of a different operator’s mobile phone into the camera for testing, and then scan the QR code to add it after the blue light is always on.


3. Equipment use

Q: Why do I receive a notification that the device has been bound to another account?

Answer: This is because the device was reset and then added by another account. At this time, the previous account will not be able to watch the monitoring, and the newly added account can be shared with the second account to watch.


Q: How to share it with other mobile phones to watch?

Answer: After the main mobile phone account is successfully added, the other mobile phones first register a new account to log in, then click “Share Management” on the main account device list interface to add a shared device (input another account), click on the message on the other mobile phone, and click ” Accept sharing”. The shared account has the authority of video playback, voice intercom, PTZ control, etc., but the camera cannot be set up, such as formatting the SD card, setting the light, mirroring flip, etc., you can share more than 5 accounts.


Q: Why does my Android phone always fail to receive push notifications?

Answer: Due to the characteristics of the system on Android phones, the APP will be intercepted by the system after receiving the push. You need to set the self-starting permissions as follows to be able to display the push. a. In the APP, My-Push Notification-is turned on. b. Mobile phone permission management is set to allow notifications and lock screen notifications.


Q: How to set up the recording, what are the requirements for the memory card?

Answer: For the first usage of the TF card, please format it in FAT32 format on the computer, insert the memory card into the device card slot, it is recommended to use an 8-64G memory card. Select the SD card settings in the APP settings. Please format the SD card for the first use. A 128G memory card of a non-mainstream brand will display that the driver fails to load, and the memory card can be recognized normally after restarting. Video overwrite means that once the SD card is full, the new video will overwrite the oldest video. LS-4GS02 is motion detection wake-up recording (20-60 seconds) The LS-4GS50 model defaults to regular recording throughout the day, a period of 15 minutes, and automatically switches to low-power mode alarm recording when the battery is less than 40%. The video format is H.264, the video resolution is 1920*1080, and 5G storage space is required for one day of video recording.


Q: Can you record video after the device is disconnected from the network (no traffic) ?

Answer: Video recording is the work of the camera part, network disconnection is the work of the network transmission part, SD card timing recording has nothing to do with the network LS-4GS50 only sees that the communication part is dormant, and the camera part is still working and recording;


Q: Why does the camera (LS-4GS50) keep turning on the white light? How to turn off the white light or switch the infrared light?

Answer: The infrared light is turned on by default when recording at night, and it switches to the white light when it senses someone is coming. When the person leaves the monitoring screen, it will automatically switch back to the infrared light after 2 minutes. There is no manual closing or switching option in the APP. When you open the APP at night to watch the monitoring, the device will wake up and turn on the white light to fill the light. When there is interference from the electronic equipment in the room, it may trigger the induction to turn on the white light by mistake.


Q: What is the function of cloud storage?

Answer: When an event alarm occurs on the device (event triggered in sleep state), the device will automatically upload the video to the cloud and push the message to the mobile phone. In this way, even if there is no SD card or the device is removed, the key video is still stored in the cloud. Low-power camera cloud storage is alarm recording, that is, cloud storage will not be recorded when the device is in sleeping mode.


Q: How to buy cloud storage and what is the price?

Answer: Click “Cloud Storage” on the APP device list interface to enter the purchase and renewal interface. 7-day circular cloud recording is 16 yuan/month, 15-day circular cloud storage is 26 yuan/month, and 30-day circular cloud storage is 45 yuan/month. After the expiration of the follow-up fee, the previous cloud recording cannot be restored. It is not recommended to enable cloud storage for 4G cameras, as it consumes about 8G of data per day.


Q: Can the cloud video still be viewed after deleting the device? Will it still be possible to reconnect to the cloud storage after deleting it?

Answer: After deleting the device, the user will cancel the corresponding relationship with the device and cannot watch the cloud video of the device. If the user reconnects to the device within the cloud service period, it is guaranteed that the same user and the same device can still watch the cloud video saved before the validity period.


4. Product hardware and functions

Q: Why does the battery run out after a few days?

Answer: Low-power products use the combination of extremely low-power sleep and fast remote wake-up to greatly extend the battery life.


If the battery consumes quickly, you can check the following points:

a. Batteries are generally in a state of about 50% at the time of sale, so you need to fully charge the battery before use;


b. Frequent triggers will quickly consume power. In a complex environment, it is recommended that the APP alarm be set to low sensitivity. Frequent or prolonged viewing of the device will cause the device’s power to be consumed quickly;

c. When the temperature is very low in winter, the battery life will be reduced, and the sunshine intensity and duration will affect the battery life of solar products;


d. When the network is unstable, the device needs to restart and communicate with the server at regular intervals to maintain a normal state. A very unstable network will also cause the battery to drain faster.

Q: Why can the mobile phone access the device at home, but cannot access the device after going out (LS-WS2201)?

Answer: The device can be accessed in the local area network and cannot be accessed outside. There may be the following two situations:

a. The WiFi external network to which the device is connected is not available, and the mobile phone can connect to WiFi to see if it can go online normally;

b. The APP does not have the mobile phone data usage permission. The mobile phone can only access the device when it is connected to WiFi. In this case, you can turn on the data data usage permission in the APP permission setting of the mobile phone.


5. Attentions:

1. Please install the camera in a place directly exposed to sunlight, otherwise the camera may have insufficient power.

2. The device will self-check when it is powered on and reset. Please do not put the top of the dome on the ground to prevent damage to the gimbal motor.

3. The device is powered by solar and lithium batteries, and the standby current consumption is about 250mAH per day. If the HMD is frequently woken up due to rainy weather or heavy traffic for two weeks, it will reduce the use time. LS-4GS02 can use a mobile phone charger to charge the camera , LS-4GS50 can be charged 10% after 30 minutes of sunlight exposure.

4. Ensure that the 4G network of the operator used by the equipment in the installation environment is covered normally. If the 4G signal is weak, please improve or replace the SIM card of other operators.

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