Congratulations to LS VISION for Obtaining ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate

Since its establishment, LS VISION has always adhered to our core values: quality, innovation, and dedication. Focusing on security monitoring industry, our vision is to provide humans with safer monitoring products and monitoring systems. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, we are also paying more and more attention to the concept of green new energy and sustainable development of environmental protection.


To this end, the requirements and standards of ISO14001 environmental management system are strictly implemented in product and packaging design, process design, raw material selection, energy resource consumption, transportation and storage, use of toxic and hazardous chemicals, solid and liquid waste management, production and discharge of pollutants, product use, service and abandonment, etc. 


Under this concept, our company has successively launched new energy series cameras in the past two years. For example, our hot-selling battery cameras and WIFI/4G solar cameras this year. These products solve the pain points of outdoor monitoring without electricity and network, and can be installed in remote areas. Monitoring needs of farms, fish ponds, etc. It not only protects everyone’s personal and property safety, but also fully realizes the new energy environmental protection policy requirements that the country vigorously advocates. 


Thank you ISO14001 audit team for coming to LS VISION , through the cooperation and efforts of the staff of Chinese professional certification body of the ISO International Organization for Standardization and the employees’ of company’s product department, R&D department, sales department, finance department, marketing department, administration department and other departments, LS VISION successfully passed and obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certificate. 

The ability to obtain ISO14001 environmental management system certificate affirms that LS VISION has reached the international level in environmental management and has also established a good social image. In the future, we will more consciously abide by environmental laws and regulations, enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection, save energy, recycle waste, reduce operating costs, and further strengthen environmental management.


We also look forward to our partners who can fully trust and support us, work together to create a better future, and adhere to the mission of protecting the earth!

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