License Plate Recognition System will lead the New Trend of Intelligent Traffic Development

With the advent of smart, 21st century will be a road traffic smart century, how to use the technology function of smart traffic, alleviate the growing problem of city traffic congestion, it have be a important topic of economic and traffic development. As a new parking lot management equipment, License Plate Recognition System have played a crucial role of smart traffic system, it have been future of smart traffic development.

compare with other parking lot management equipment,  Support yellow license plate, blue license plate, special vehicles, new energy license plate and other license types, License Plate Recognition System equipment operate stable, can be use in electronic police, highway toll station, parking lot entrances and exits and so on, enhance the accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness of licence plate recognition and management. And make the information regulation of vehicle become a reality, it have played an increasingly important role in traffic monitoring and road safety. As the license plate recognition system has its own advantages, the system widely used in residential property parking, hotels, building entrances and exits, commercial complex and other important public places, Record each entry and exit of the vehicle information, which also makes the license plate recognition system has become an indispensable important equipment for intelligent vehicle parking lot. But also it will become the new trend of intelligent traffic development.

License plate recognition system application scene is very wide, mainly used to record the vehicle’s license plate number, admission time, to achieve automatic parking management and save manpower.


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