Why is the solar camera suitable for outdoor use?

Everyone knows that solar energy is an inexhaustible, clean and environmentally-friendly new energy. If monitoring is to be installed in outside field, there is generally no normal and stable AC power supply. Because the outdoor installation environment is mostly sparsely populated, the environment is harsh, so nowadays, solar caméra is generally used for outdoor monitoring. Then how is this solar monitoring system realized?

Today we will come to understand the working principle of the solar monitoring system. Its working principle is to convert the light energy of the sun into electrical energy, so how to convert it? First of all, solar panels are needed. Its function is to directly convert solar radiation energy into direct current for use by loads or stored in batteries for backup. At the same time, it is also one of the most important components in a solar power generation system. The power output capacity of a solar panel is closely related to the size of its area. The larger the area, the greater the output power under the same illumination conditions. Generally composed of solar cells, module frame, tempered glass, packaging materials and junction boxes, etc.

About the solar charge and discharge controller, as the central control device, on one hand it stores the electric energy converted by the solar cell components in the battery pack, and on the other hand it controls the battery pack to supply power to the load equipment. The solar charge and discharge controller can provide the best charging current and voltage for the battery. It can charge the battery quickly, smoothly, and efficiently, reduce loss during the charging process, and extend the battery life as much as possible; at the same time, it protects the battery from overcharging and occurrence of over-discharge.

According to the power demand of the system equipment, it can output different voltages to meet the power supply needs of various equipment. The system runs reliably and stably, and meets various harsh outdoor working environments.

So, where is solar caméra generally used? At present, it is mainly used in outdoor and urban areas where wiring is inconvenient, such as: construction sites, reservoirs, dams, river water levels, fishing grounds, forestry, forest fire prevention, islands, border defense, and so on. Almost all are harsh environments.

Most of the solar caméra on the market now uses 4G integrated network cameras, which can be directly inserted into the 4G traffic cards of the three major network operators to perform real-time monitoring of the site, which makes up for the application of ordinary monitoring in the market for the difficult construction and no network and no electricity environment. It’s ready to use, not limited by distance, as long as there is a network, you can watch in real time, which is also a major advancement in technology.


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