Professional engineering project outdoor solar 4G camera to protect your property and life

Since 2015, IP cameras have increasingly become the most common monitoring equipment in the surveillance industry. With superb image quality and convenient network transmission, people can remotely control the camera and view the camera in real time through mobile devices, giving people more convenience.


But at the same time, the transition from analog cameras to IP cameras has made it more difficult to install cameras. Analog cameras generally only require electricians to install them, while IP cameras require professional security personnel to debug equipment and perform daily maintenance.

General consumers not only need to pay for cameras and video recorders, but also high installation costs and daily maintenance costs. Especially in Europe and the United States, labor costs are particularly expensive.

New directions and new opportunities for the monitoring industry. A more perfect surveillance solution in 2024: 4G solar camera

The solution of wireless 4G cameras with solar battery packs came into being in 2018.

 Provide network through 4G, storage through memory card, and energy through solar panels and lithium battery packs. The camera no longer needs to be connected to the NVR and wiring, making installation extremely easy.


You can use outdoor 4G solar cameras to provide stable monitoring services anywhere: fish ponds, construction sites, fields, camping RVs, etc. where there is no WiFi or power supply.

The 60W30AH solar panel battery pack can provide the camera with sufficient power to provide 24/7 recording, guarding your property and facilities at all times.

Insert the 4G sim card into the camera card slot, and the camera can be installed anywhere and transmit video and alarms to mobile APPs and computer applications.And supports real-time viewing and remote control.

Two ways to store video,

The first is to insert a memory card up to 128GB into the camera for storage.

The second is APP cloud storage.

If you are suffering from the fact that your monitoring project is too remote, the installation is complicated, there is no network, and wiring is difficult.


I believe that solar 4G cameras can bring you good enough services.

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